Join us for our next information meeting on gastric balloon and gastroplasty sleeve

This meeting is free of charge.

It is organized by Dr Vianna Costil, Gastroenterologist.

It concerns people wishing to learn about the gastric balloon, the sleeve gastroplasty by endoscopy and behavioral and nutritional management


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  • 10 h 30- 11 h Gastric balloons : technique, indications, cost
  • 11 h - 11h 30 Sleeve gastroplasty by endoscopy to reduce the size of the stomach with a non-surgical method : technique, indications and cost
  • 11 h 30-12h Nutritional and behavioral support to lose weight in a sustainable way
  • 12 h -12 h 30 Discussion with participants
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The number of places is limited.
To register, click on the button below to send us a message, or call the assistant of Dr. COSTIL:

Tel. : 01 49 00 18 18
Mob. : 06 61 09 57 67

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