Why should gastric balloons be associated with coaching by a team of health professionals?

... or how to achieve the goal of sustainable weight loss over time....

Diet coaching increases the chances for patients of success of the method, and achieves the goal of sustainable weight loss over time.
This specific personalized support aims to help patients better listen to their bodies and their sensations, and manage their desire to eat emotional eliminating false beliefs, consequences of multiple restrictive regimes that expose to do « yoyo » : loose and regain more …

A vicious circle

Satisfying emotional needs

Eating allows you to eat but also to satisfy your emotional needs: food is often a comfort during unpleasant emotions, especially fatty and rich foods.

But remember the disturbance of comfort then occurs because guilt comes next and spoils the pleasure.

A vicious circle can then occur:

  1. I eat to calm down,
  2. I feel guilty for having eaten and I do not have the comfort I expected,
  3. so I continue to overeat,
  4. and I deprive myself and I still want to eat …

A rigorous follow-up for a long-lasting weight loss

4 key points to lose weight

Behavioural dietetics

The behavioral dietary approach allows patients to listen better and accept their emotional eating desires without ignoring them and prohibiting them without addiction.

Behavioral dieting is used to question misconceptions (for example: eating fat or sugar makes you fat).

Overweight is mainly the consequence of having more than his needs.

Hunger protects you from weight gain: you can eat fatty foods without getting fat when you're hungry. The experience of hunger allows them to allow themselves the pleasure of the table, but listening and respecting their needs.

Misconceptions also concern people overweight: it is often the idea that they eat unbalanced, have no will and are happy all day eating. In reality, it is often the opposite: they often eat balanced (through diets), show willingness following multiple diets, and spoil their pleasure with guilt.

Learn to eat

We must also learn to eat in full awareness, tasting each bite, to find the pleasure of eating.

After the installation of a gastric balloon, the patient must then make sure to eat quietly, in small amounts, by chewing well the food eaten (to avoid pain, nausea or vomiting) and especially to learn stop in time, without necessarily finishing his plate.

The interest of the gastric balloon is to facilitate the weight loss of the patients but especially to have "a crutch" to reeducate more easily their food behavior with a personalized care to solve the problem of the overweight in the duration.

Resume physical activity

Accompanying the patient to resume regular physical activity is also essential.

It's about physical activity and not about "sport".

Finding the desire and the pleasure of moving, whether as part of a daily activity (walking, gardening, tinkering, playing with children) or the practice of physical exercise (muscle building, cycling, swimming, walking or running) is the first step in order to gradually increase in intensity.

When you are overweight and do not practice physical activity or sport regularly, you must be accompanied by:

  • qualified professionals, to a safe care,
  • teachers in physical activity adapted in the framework of a therapeutic education and a personalized follow-up according to your physical conditions, your desires and your schedule.

Pyschological management

When weight gain is highly related to emotional problems or there are significant behavioral disorders, psychological management is sometimes necessary to optimize weight loss and avoid relapses.

The gastric balloons are effective starters that allow you to lose weight faster, regain motivation and get out of a blocking situation and often bad "self-image".

But they can be "false friends" if they are not associated with an assessment of the food and psychological behavior before the ballooning and a specific nutrition monitoring, and physical activity during the duration of the ballooning and after removal.

Why should gastric balloons be associated with coaching by a team of health professionals?

Gastric balloons are efficient starters to loose weight, to feel good and regain the motivation.

Coaching is mandatory to maintain motivation, change eating behavior and practice regular physic activity to obtain a sustainable loss of weight !

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