Testimonials from patients who have benefited from the sleeve


Découvrez les témoignages de nos patients et des vidéos de présentation de la Sleeve endoscopique et du ballon gastrique. Des récits détaillant les périodes de perte de poids, l’accompagnement médical nécessaire pour dire adieu à l’obésité et le bonheur de réapprendre à manger sainement.

L’ensemble des vidéos sur la Sleeve Gastroplastie et le Ballon Gastrique sont à retrouver sur notre vidéothèque.

Non-surgical treatment of overweight

Who is ballon-gastric.fr ?

This website is dedicated to non-surgical methods regarding weight loss.

  • Gastric balloons help overweight people to be significantly less hungry, fuller and desiring to eatless food. There are implanted in the stomach by the mouth.
  • Sleeve gastroplasty and POSE procedure reduce the size of the stomach. These procedures are performed without incision of the abdomen, unlike surgery of obesity (gastroplasty, sleeve gastrectomy, bypass gastric).

The balloon-gastric.fr website is edited by Doctor Vianna COSTIL, former intern and former Chief of Clinic of the Paris hospitals, specialist in gastroenterology.

The information contained on this site comes from scientific literature, our regular participation in national and international conferences and our own experience.

They are intended to improve, not replace, the relationship between the patient and his or her physician.

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