What is sleeve gastroplasty ?

At low risk and without incision, the gastroplasty sleeve reduces your feeling of hunger and allows you to be satisfied for smaller quantities.

Calculate your BMI

To know your BMI, fill in the blanks you weight (weight yourself without any clothes) and your height. Then click on « Calculate BMI ». You will find your BMI.

Be careful with the coma! Weight is in kilos and height in meter.
For example, for a person on one meter seventy-five the correct writing is 1,75 not 175.

If you BMI is over 27 and under 40, you can consider a non-surgical procedure to help you loose.


For a lasting weight loss

The endoscopy sleeve gastropasty is a procedure which helps weight loss by reducing the size of the stomach.
It is suitable for a body mass index higher then 30. Calculate your BMI.

What is this technique ?

The size of the stomach is reduced with the help of the Overstitsh’s technique. It’s performed by a fibroscopy of the stomach under general anesthesia. Your doctor will realize stiches to reduce the size of the stomach. This allows to limit its expansion during a meal and slows down the draining of the food.

This technique isnot surgical, is realized without any incision and with lower risks.

It allows to find a fullness feeling with less food. Your hunger is reduced, and you are full faster.

This technique is not taking care by french social security.


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Overstitch's method

This procedure is realized in many cases around the world and many scientific publications proved its efficiency.

The average weight loss is 20 kg after 6 months when combine with nutritional coaching and resume physical activity.
It is realized under general anesthesia.

The gastric fiberscope is insert via the mouth and introduced in the stomach to examine and confirm there isn’t any local contra-indications.

The Overstich’s device is then introduced in the stomach through an overtube and allows to reduce its size.

Patients often have simple monitoring with a 24h hospitalization.



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