Steps of the procedure

A follow-up with your procedure

Find the different steps of your care from the preparation to the follow up after the intervention.

Management - Gastroplasty sleeve

Care by the team

A checkup is proposed by the medical team, which is composed of a gastroenterologist, a nutritionist, a physical trainer and eventually a psychologist or a psychiatric.

The nutritional and psychologiccheck-up with the nutritionist or dietician can also be conducted via videoconference with MethodCO.

Your gastroenterologist will prescribe you a biological check-up, he will conduct an abdominal echography to evaluate if you have a fatty liver (hepatic steatosis) or hepatic fibrosis du to overweight.

A consultation with your anesthesist is mandatroy prior to the procedure.

A gastric fibrescope will occured before the procedure to eliminate a local contre-indication and to evaluate the design of the stomac reduction.

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    It allows to confirm whether the sleeve gastroplasty is a fit for you. Your doctor will oversee the running of the program.

    You should ask every question you feel need an answer and are necessary. You have to evaluate with him the advantages of the sleeve gastroplasty regarding the potential risks.

    A written document will be given by your gastroenterologist. You can discuss it with him before signing informed consent.

    Your doctor will give you a document with nutritional recommendations for the weeks following the procedure.


    If you have an unbalanced eating behavior favored by psychological problem, it is possible to get help if you agree by a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

    Speaking groups can also be provided.


    It is mandatory before any anesthesia.

    You have to informed your doctor about any medications you are taking and any known allergies and illness.
    All information will be discussed by the medical team.

    If there is no contraindication, you can make an appointment for the sleeve gastroplasty. A written document will be given to you by the anesthetist.

    You can discuss this with him before signing informated consent.

Overstitch for the gastroplasty sleeve

The sleeve gastroplasty is performed under general anesthesia with intubation

The Overstich is a device with a needle and a wire put in place on the gastric fibrescope which is then introduced in the stomach through an overtube.

Several stiches are made which reduce the size and shape of the stomach.

The number of stiches depends on the size and shape of the stomach.

The procedure is realized by gastric endoscopy under visual control.

The procedure lasts about 1h15. Hospitalization overnight is planned at the Trocadero clinic.

A consultation with your doctor is programmed the following day when you live the clinic.

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Days following the procedure

  1. Diet

    A liquid diet will be prescribed for 15 days than semi-liquid, then mixed before resuming to a normal diet after one month.

    An oeso-gastro-duodenal X-ray to the gastrograffincan be performed the following day at the clinic.

  2. Sick note

    A sick leave of one week is recommended.

    Medications will be prescribed to reduce any stomach pain or to prevent vomiting.

  3. Check-up

    A consultation is planned with your doctor one month after the procedure with nutritional biological results.

    If you have any pain and/or vomiting, we urge you to reach out to your doctor

A rigorous follow-up for a long-lasting weight loss

A vigourous follow-up to lasting weight loss

The nutritional behavior and physical coach care is essential to avoid regaining weight afterward.

It allowsyou to :

  1. Balance you diet
  2. Manage youreatingbehavior
  3. Have a regular physical activity adapted your physical condition.
  4. Keep up your motivation !
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    The consultation with your nutritionist or dietician is planned the week after your procedure.

    Nutritional and behavioral care is essential to lose weight and not regain weight afterward.

    Monthly consultations are recommended.

    The importance of weight loss is correlated with the number of visits. It is on average of a 20kg weight loss within 6 months.


    Resume a regular physical activity adapted to your physical condition, possible medical problem is as important as the nutritional balance to reach your weight goal.

    A team of physical educator can help you face-to-face or by videoconference with MethodCO

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