FAQ on the sleeve gastroplasty

You are asking yourself questions about the sleeve gastroplasty ?

Here are our answers to the common and frequently asked questions about the advantages of the sleeve gastroplasty as a non surgical method to lose weight.
  • How does the sleeve gastroplasty takes place ?

    The endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty technique

    The procedure of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty consists in performing a gastric volume restriction without resection using stiches placed between the front wall and the rear of the stomach.

    There is no resection of the stomach. The procedure does not require an external incision.

    The procedure is performed under general anesthesia under intubation with the help of a gastric fibrescope introduced by the mouth (wich allows to see on a screen the inside of the stomach) and Overstich system (wich allows stiches to the stomach).

    Folds :

    • Reduce the capacity of the stomach to adapt its volume to the food ingested.
    • Allow early signals to be sent from your stomach to your brain indicating that you are full.
    • Help reduce the feeling of hunger and hence the need to eat.
    • Help your body recognize that you have eaten enough food, even after a small meal.

    Importance of the follow-up care

    To get all the benefits of the procedure and to have lasting results, it is important to commit to following the program prescribed by your doctor and his holistic team of dietician and behavioral and coaches to resume a physical activity adapted to modify your eating behavior and lifestyle.

    After the consultation with your gastroenterologist you will have a check-up with the team.

    The indication will be after the synthesis of the results of biological assessment, the abdominal ultrasound and gastric fibrescopy of the stomach.

    A consultation with the anesthetist is mandatory before the procedure.

    The checkup is important and can evaluate if this technique is a good indication for you and if you have no contraindication.

  • How long does the hospitalization lasts ?

    The lenght of your stay will be determined by your doctor.

    In all case, one night of hospitalization is mandatory after the procedure and a work stoppage of a few days.

  • How long to reach my weight goal ?

    First signs of the sleeve gastroplasty

    When the procedure is well tolerate, patients starts noticing a significant weight loss in the first 4 weeks.

    Majority of patients are less hungry, have reduced ability to adapt their stomachs to food intake and regain an earlier feeling of satiety.

    Your long-term success will depend on your commitment to following the nutritional and behavioral program and regaining physical activity.

  • Is this procedure safe ?

    All weight loss procedure involve some level of risk, although to date no major complications or deaths have been reported.

    This procedure is new and there is no long-term date available.

  • Is it recommended in your case ?

    The endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is indicated for people with a BMI higher then 30.

    It allows to prevent and improve diseases associated with overweight:

    • High blood pressure
    • diabetes
    • cholesterol
    • sleep apnea
    • Osteoarthritis

    Coaching is important to change your eating habits, resume a physical activity to have the best efficiency and regaining weight afterward.


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  • What are the risks of the sleeve gastroplasty ?

    Potentials inconveniences (gastric pain, nausea and vomiting, discomfort) disapeare in most cases after a few days.

    A treatment will be prescribed by your doctor to prevent or treating them.

    A suitable diet and nutritional follow up will take place in 4 steps after the procedure :

    • A liquid diet for the first 15 days
    • A semi-liquide diet for 8 days
    • A mixed diet for 8 days
    • A normal diet

    Ingestion of large amount of food following the procedure may jeopardize the durability of the sleeve gastroplasty because excessive food intake can put pressure on the stiches and cause them to deteriorate or rupture.

    More severe but rare complications are a gastric wall hematoma, abscess and airflow in theabdomen and the pleura.

    The effect will be lasting if you benefit from a holistic monitoring with a team (nutrition, physical activity, mental) to modify your eating behavior, manage your food sensation and your lifestyle.

  • What are the advantages of the sleeve endoscopy gastroplasty ?

    The technique helps losing weight without incision as many advantages :

    • Adaptation of the procedure to the anatomy of the stomach
    • Reduction in the stomach size that can persists for 24 months
    • Lowrisk of complications
    • No scar
    • Less pain
    • Fastrecovey
    • Privacy

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