FAQ about POSE procedure

Your questions about the POSE procedure

Here are our answers to your common and frequently asked questions about the advantages of pose procedure as a non surgical method to lose weight.
  • What are the advantages of the POSE procedure ?

    Advantages of the POSE procedure

    Since there is no external incision, the POSE procedure for weight loss without incision should provide significant benefits, including:

    • Low risk
    • Reduction of complications
    • No scar
    • Quick recovery
    • Less pain

    Patients who underwent the POSE procedure on Friday are back to work on Monday without bandages or pain.

    With POSE, there is total confidentiality.

    At your discretion, you decide whether or not to communicate to your family and friends that you have been.

  • How does the POSE procedure takes place ?

    Realized during a fibroscopy, under general anesthesia

    The technique is realized with a new tool introduced in the mouth to reach the stomach. It allows to create multiple folds in the tissu in specific areas of the stomach.
    The folds :

    • Reduces the capacity of the stomach to adapt and stretch
    • Allows early signals to be sent from your stomach to your brain indicating that you are full
    • Contribute to reducehunger
    • Helps your body recognize when you had enough food, even after a small meal.


    To fully benefit from the procedure, it is important to pay attention to these early satiety signals. It is also important to commit to following the nutrition plan and exercise program prescribed by your doctor.

    After an initial evaluation by your gastroenterologist, you will have a consultation with the nutritionist and the psychiatrist if recommended. The indication will be made after the synthesis of the various consultations and the result of the biological checkup. A consultation with the anesthetist and a gastric fibroscopy is indicated before the procedure.

    This checkup is important to evaluate if this technique is a good indication for you and if you have no contraindication.

  • How long does the hospitalisation lasts ?

    The length of your stay will be determined by your doctor.

    In every case, an overnight hospitalization is planned.

  • How long to reach my weight goal ?

    Fast effects

    When the procedure is well tolerated, patients start noticing a significant weight loss in the first 4 weeks.

    Majority of patients reported reduced hunger, early satiety, or reduced stomach capacity after undergoing the POSE procedure.

    Keys to success

    Your success will depend on your ability to recognize and to respond to the sign of hunger and satiety emitted by your body.

    Your commitment to follow the nutritional and behavioral program, to resume physical activity is essential for weight loss and lack of weight recovery in the medium term.

  • Is this procedure safe ?

    All weight loss procedure involves some level of rick, although to date no major complications or deaths have been reported.

    This procedure is new and there is no long-term date available.

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