Study on the effectiveness of the Sleeve

What is the impact of the sleeve in terms of weight loss?

A recent study (*) was carried out on 1,000 people with an average body mass index (weight/height 2) of 33 kg/m2.
This study showed the effectiveness of the sleeve gastroplasty on weight loss and on the improvement of diseases related to overweight: hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia (hypertriglyceridemia and hypercholesterolemia).

Significant weight loss

The measured weight losses (percentage ratio between weight loss and initial weight) were respectively on average:

  • 13.7% at 6 months,
  • 15% at 12 months,
  • 14.8% at 18 months

In practice, this means that for a person weighing 88 kg and measuring 1.64 cm, the average weight loss is about 20 kg at 6 months and is then maintained at 18 months.

On the other hand, 77% of people who had diabetes and 100% of people who had high blood pressure and dyslipidemia recovered from weight loss.

The weight loss measured after a sleeve is significant.

Individuals undergoing this procedure were monitored by a team of gastroenterologist and nutritionist.

Follow-up by professionals

Individuals benefiting from this procedure were followed by a team of gastroenterologist and nutritionist to modify their eating behaviour in order to maintain their weight loss.

There were few side effects:

  • 2.4% of patients had pain requiring hospitalization,
  • rare cases of bleeding have been transfused
  • rare perigastric collections have been treated with antibiotics.

There were no surgical complications.

0.8% of patients subsequently had a sleeve gastrectomy and 0.5% opted for a new sleeve gastroplasty after failure of the initial procedure.

New alternatives to fight obesity


In conclusion, sleeve gastroplasty is an effective and safe procedure that helps non-severely obese people lose weight.

Accompaniment to change eating behaviour, resume regular physical activity and maintain motivation is essential to achieve lasting weight loss.

(*) Short-term outcomes of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty in 1000 consecutive patients Alqahtani Aayed and all Gastrointestinal endoscopy , vol 89(6) :2019. 1132-1136

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