The sleeve gastroplasty: testimony of an (ex) obese home

With 71 kg for 1m53, Pascale could no longer stand her situation... she chose the gastroplasty sleeve and gives us her testimony.

One goal: no longer suffer from obesity

When the problems of obesity begin to be felt on the health and the mobility, it is at that moment that the people react.

The number of cases is unfortunately constantly changing and contrary to what one might imagine, this affects rural environments more than cities.

An unbearable situation for Pascale

With 71 kg for 1m53, Pascale our witness, could no longer stand his situation.

Shortness of breath due to being overweight prevented her from living her life as she wanted. Even the most current situations like going by subway to his workplace became complicated.

Pascale became aware of the different techniques but was unfortunately not eligible for bariatric surgery (classic operation of obesity).

It is then that a doctor proposes the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty.

To treat by sleeve gastroplastic: in what that consists?

This technique has been available in France since 2012 but has only been gaining ground in recent years.

A non-surgical method

Unlike other methods, the sleeve is not a surgical method.

  1. It consists of tightening the walls of the stomach with non-absorbable sutures.
  2. The procedure takes place under general anesthesia, passing through the mouth to reach the stomach by fibroscopy.
  3. The time of intervention is one hour and a half. After a night of observation, Pascale was able to return to her home.
  4. A strict diet has been prescribed with a gradual transition to a solid diet.
  5. A medical follow-up is part of the protocol and food supplements complete the treatment.
  6. Pascale returned to work just one week after being hospitalized.

And what next? Nothing but happiness !

The intervention went very well and I quickly returned to normal life without any side effects.
I just experienced a bit of fatigue following the rapid loss of weight. And there, my life has changed: 15 kg less in 4 months.
Change of life, change of clothing size, change of eating habits.
It is especially this last point that I wish to mention. While my appetite is less, but I especially rebalanced with the help of a nutritionist all my meals and resumed physical activity such as walking.
I feel really better and I regret not having known about this technique before. I have suffered so much from being overweight for many years!


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