Endoscopic gastroplasty sleeve

A weight loss aid for patients who are not eligible for bariatric surgery?

Obesity is a global epidemic that is affecting more and more people and is becoming one of the major public health problems. In France, this concerns about 14% of the population.
In recent years new endoscopic procedures have been developed to complement the range of available treatments.
The Overstitch Endoscopic Suture System allows via the use of nonabsorbable sutures (Polypropylene 2-0) to reduce the size of the stomach.


This is a prospective study conducted at the Trocadero Clinic in Paris with multimodal management of obesity to determine the efficacy and safety of this procedure.

Material and methods

17 patients with a BMI of 33 (± 4) underwent Endoscopic Gastric Sleeve (ESG).

Under general anesthesia, a dual channel endoscope rises with the Overstitch endoscopic suture device was inserted into the stomach, where a row of 4 to 5 sutures was placed (from the pyloric portion to the cardia).

Each of the sutures included between 6 and 7 points of attachment to bring the gastric walls closer together and thus to reduce the gastric lumen.

This technique is intended to limit the expansion of the stomach during meals and slow down the emptying of food.

The patients were followed post-procedure by a multidisciplinary team.

Appareil de suture endoscopique Overstitch
Overstitch endoscopic suture System

Sutures comprenant entre 6 et 7 points d'attache afin de rapprocher les parois gastriques
Overstitch Endoscopic Suture System create sutures with 6 to 7 points of attachment to bring the gastric walls closer together

Sutures - Sleeve gastroplastie endoscopique
Sutures - Endoscopic gastroplasty sleeve

Réduction de l'estomac
Reduction of the stomach


A safe procedure with few side effects.

  • abdominal pain
  • nausea and vomiting

No severe complications were observed in this prospective study.

In a publication of Dr. Lopez-Nava of 2017 titled "Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty for Obesity: A Multicenter Study of 248 Patients with 24 Months Follow-Up" a rate of 2% of complications was observed (4 out of 248 patients).
Sleeve gastroplasty, a safe procedure with few side effects.

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La sleeve gastroplastie, une procédure sûre avec peu d'effets secondaire

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