Informations about POSE procedure

The pose procedure This allows to have a feeling of gastric fullness and satiety for smaller quantities and to facilitate weight loss

A non-surgical technique to take care of obesity

A low risk technique

The POSE procedure is an endoscopic technique to help weight loss in obesity by reducing the size of the stomach. It is low risk, without any incision, reduces your hunger and makes you feel full.

The technique involves joining tissues to form a « fold » inside the stomach.

The system is used comprising a tube with several channels which is introduced by fibroscopy into the stomach. It allows anchoring in the upper part of the stomach to limit its expansion of the stomach during meals and in the lower part of the stomach to slow the emptying of the stomach.

This allows you to have a feeling of fullness of stomach and satiety with smaller amount of food and to ease weight loss.

This technique is not supported by social security.

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